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Why treat

when you can prevent?


Why treat when you can prevent?

Your pets no longer have to risk infestation with parasites with the potential to kill them. Prevention of fatal conditions such as Tick Paralysis and Heartworm is now easier than ever. Products available range from monthly to 3 monthly dosing intervals right through to the SR 12 vaccine which protects pets from Heartworm for 12 months at a time. 


Do fleas love your pet? 

Flea prevention has never been so easy we have a range of products designed to provide everything from fast acting elimination of adult fleas to stoping all stages of the flea life cycle for extended periods. Don't let your home become a nesting ground for these annoying parasites. 


Worms, Worms, Worms!

Our pets are important members of our family or carry out essential tasks on our properties. The last thing they need is to be carrying and feeding unwanted parasites in their gastrointestinal systems! Keep your pets parasite free by choosing a proven intestinal worming control solution - let us help you choose a product that suits your pet at each life stage and situation. 


We stock a large range of products and are happy to help you administer

the most appropriate one for your pet. 

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