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Can food change your pet's life?


Let us help you choose the right food for your pets!

Fun Food

Specialist diets for growing puppies and kittens. Helping them develop so they can get into heaps of mischief!

Serious Food

Active adults and working breeds need excellent nutrition to help them build and maintain muscle while ensuring they are at peak fitness.

Fat Food

We can recommend a diet to help your pet lose those unnecessary kilos, so they can enjoy a life unhindered by extra weight. 

Live Forever Food

Senior food for cats and dogs so they can live a great quality life for longer.

Prescription Diets

These diets are developed to help management specific medical and disease conditions. 

We stock and can deliver food from the leading companies in the field of pet nutrition and more!

Contact us to find out more about selecting a diet that's right for your pet.

Hills Pet Nutrition, Royal Canin, Blackhawk, Advance

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