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Medications / Vaccinations


From the beginning  -  Ensuring your new pet stays protected

We know how important a complete vaccination program is to ensuring your pet's health. Puppies and kittens have special requirements which is why we offer you 

     - Complete puppy and kitten vaccination programs 

     - Special vaccination rate for litters of both Puppies and Kittens

     - A complete health check and record book at each vaccination appointment. 

Adults need protection too!

As our pets get older their vaccination choices change too. Annual vaccinations and 3 yearly vaccinations can be given depending on their requirements - let us help you choose what suits your pet best.

Going on holiday? Pet travelling or boarding?

Boarding kennels and catteries all require certain vaccination levels to ensure that all pets are protected while in their care. We can administer Kennel Cough (Canine Cough) vaccinations either as a single dose or part of an annual vaccination program. Owners should check what level of vaccination is required by their boarding establishment, that way our team can help you and your pet both have a great holiday. 


If your pet is travelling with you we can recommend a vaccination program which is appropriate to the areas you will be travelling to. Providing you with peace of mind while your pet meets lots of new friends at caravan parks, mountains, rivers and beaches!


Many pets require medication at some stage in their life. Sometimes it is for the treatment of injury, disease or an illness. In other cases pets may require medication for ongoing conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease or cardiac problems. 


Our vets carry medications which can make all the difference to your pet's condition. We stock a huge variety of medications in forms such as tablets, liquids and injections. Advice is always available to owners regarding dosing and monitoring. 


If your pet is currently on medication or you think may benefit from treatment please call our team to discuss their condition today.

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