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Equine Services


Keeping them Healthy & Protecting yourself

Vaccination is the best way to protect your horses against diseases such as Tetanus and Strangles. Hendra vaccination is the only way to ensure that your horse and your family are protected from this deadly virus. Many vaccination programs involve giving more than 1 injection to provide complete disease protection - call us to discuss your horse or ponies' requirements with one of our team. 

Identification - Keeping track of your ponies and horses

Microchipping is now the mandatory form of identification for many breed societies and organisations such as Racing Australia and the Health for Horses Registry.  Freeze branding can also be performed with a full set of numbers available to suit our client's requirements. Both our vets are registered with Racing Australia to conduct the DNA sampling and identification protocols for young thoroughbreds destined for a career on the track.


To floss or brush - Dental treatments

Unfortunately our equine friends aren't able to carry out much in the way of oral health care themselves. In fact their pattern of chewing their food actually encourages sharp edges to form on their teeth. An annual dental examination by our qualified vets and rasping when required will help keep your horse's teeth in great condition. This maximises their food use and ability to tolerate bits. Wolf teeth extraction can also be undertaken where necessary. 


Reproduction - mares, foals and foetuses

Whether you're trying to get your mare in foal or monitoring an existing pregnancy we can help you manage your horse's reproductive performance. The health requirements of mares during pregnancy and lactation are unique. With excellent ultrasound equipment, advice regarding reproductive health, foal medical needs and nutrition contact one of our team today to help you with the addition to your equine family. 


HELP - Fences, worms, eyes, long hair, short hair or NO HAIR!

Horses are great at getting themselves into trouble - whether it be running into fences, poking things in their eyes or generally injuring those long limbs - we are here to help you when things don't go to plan. 


Suspect your horse's hair, poo, weight or feet don't look quite right or think that something serious is affecting your four legged friend? We have diagnostic equipment available for use in the paddock and access to both private and government laboratories. 


Parasite control is an important part of any equine health program. Let us help you plan a strategic intestinal worm eradication program. External parasites can also cause many horses to suffer various skin conditions. We can supply products to prevent these problems.

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