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Production Animal Services

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Bovine Services

Helping your herd produce more for you



The First Step - Are they pregnant?

Pregnancy testing your heifers and cows just got a lot faster, easier and more efficient!

With the latest in ultrasound technology you can have your pregnant females identified earlier with less stress and less time in the yards. Cull empty cows and make the most of market and feed conditions. 

Getting calves on the ground - Obstetric Services

Our vets have seen calves try and come into the world in all sorts of ways - upside down, back to front, head back, leg back - you name it! We are experienced in delivering your calf in the safest and most efficient way possible. Call if you think one of your herd may be pushing hard but needs a hand.


When things don't go to plan

Prolapses, abortions, nutritional problems or injuries - sometimes keeping cattle healthy can be challenging. Let our team help you with advice regarding vaccination, joining strategies, parasite control programs, supplementation and all matters relating to your herd's health. 


Other Production Animals - Wool, meat and fleece

Sheep, goats, pigs or alpacas your main herd?  We are here to help you with your animal's requirements.

     - For Reproduction

     - Nutrition

     - Parasite Control Programs

     - Vaccination 

     - Medications


For all herds great and small

Whether you have 2 sheep and 2 pigs or 3000 breeding cows we have access to the diagnostic services, dedicated specialists and latest industry research to help you ensure that your herd is performing at their peak. 


If you need help with a particular problem or are seeking to refine your process let us help you achieve the result you want from your production animals. 

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